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Screen Protector for Apple Watch Series 7 Flexible TPU Film Accessories

Protect your watch screen from scratch by any sharp objects automatically within 24 hours

Product Details

  • Compatible with Apple Watch Series 7 41mm& Apple Watch 40mm Series 4 / 5 / 6 / SE, (Item Dimension: 34.2mm*28.8mm*0.2mm).
  • Self-healing technology: Advanced TPU materials endow powerful self-healing characteristics to the Apple Watch screen protector, self-repairing small scratches and bubbles automatically within 24 hours and protect your watch screen from scratch by any sharp objects.
  • Sensitive Touch: Only 0.1mm thickness maintains Apple Watch 41mm/40mm’s original response sensitivity, ensuring quick app launching.HD transparency keeps the bright and colorful image quality.
  • Flexible TPU screen protector will fit your Apple Watch screen perfectly from curved edge to curved edge.  offer the maximum amount of coverage for your iWatch screen.
  • Easy to Install: The simple installation frame made the install easier.

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