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PMMA Flexible Full Cover Screen Guard Watch Film

  •  Edge to Edge Protection
  •  Anti Scratch
  •  High Transparency
  •  Smudge and dirt resistant

Product Details

  • 3D edge-to-edge coverage high transparency PMMA Full glue screen protector to protect your curved screen perfectly against dust and scratches.
  • Super flexible and strong with innovative material, which was developed especially for curved surfaces. The high flexibility and the strong adhesive layer enable the perfect protection for your display
  •  Touch screen sensitivity – Works with Ultrasonic Fingerprint, PMMA screen protector has full glue on the entire surface of the glass for excellent touch sensitivity and reliable device adhesion.
  •  Touch smoothly, it will keep the original touch experience of your display.
  •  The durable layer of optical grade PMMA material makes it clear and keeps your device newer.  The black border matches the color of the front panel.
  • Fingerprint-resistant – PMMA screen protector has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that can reduce fingerprints and smudges.
  • QC Control: Detect 3times, ensure the stable quality products and defective rate below 0.2%, 1500 square meters warehouse, more than 5million regular stocks to let all orders run very fast with short delivery time.
  •  One-Stop screen guard service provider: customized your projects including screen protector, logo, package, etc.

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