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Protective Film Raw Materials

All kinds of Roll Material for Screen protectors, like PET, TPU, Nano Glass, Privacy, PET+TPU Combo, Anti-Blue PET, Mirror PET, and all others. The MOQ is one roll. 

Product Details

  • HD clear anti-scratch film: Use layer: 0.125mm, Anti-scratch: 3H, Transparency: 90%, high-definition high light.
  • Matte film: Use layer: 0.125mm, scratch resistance: 3H, haze around 15%, anti-glare and anti-reflection
  • PET explosion-proof film: Use layer: 0.23mm, scratch resistance: 4H, Transparency: 90%, explosion-proof and scratch-resistant
  • Black bottom blue surface 9H explosion-proof film: Use layer: 0.3mm, the high-hardness anti-scratch explosion-proof film, Transparency: 90%
  • TPU nano explosion-proof film: Use layer: 0.35mm, scratch resistance: 6H, Transparency: 88%, the explosion-proof, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant
  • Flexible glass film: Use layer: 0.22mm, scratch resistance: 4H, Transparency: 90%, the explosion-proof and shatter-proof edges, the surface is AF smooth
  • Violet anti-blue light PET film: It uses materials imported from Japan to block the damage of strong blue light to the eyes, and the blocking rate of harmful blue light 440-470 is 35%. The real anti-blue film, three layers of high-definition high-transmitting materials, surface anti-fingerprint AF treatment, use layer The light transmittance is 90%, the surface hardness is 3H, the viscosity is 1-3 grams, the silica gel is electrostatically absorbed, and the exhaust is automatic.
  • TPU slippery all-inclusive film: imported materials from South Korea, high-definition and high-transmittance TPU base material, the user layer is about 0.15mm, the surface is smoothly treated with AF, soft and slippery, can be attached to arc screens, light transmittance 90%, good toughness, silicone 120 grams of viscosity
  • Hydraulic film: imported TPU base material, high-definition high-transmittance material, the user layer is about 0.15mm, dry water-setting film, surface AF smooth treatment, flexible and smooth feel, can be pasted on arc screens, light transmittance 90%, good toughness, The mixed adhesive force is 800 grams
  • Carbon fiber back sticker: PVC material, air guide groove on the surface, heat dissipation, scratch-resistant, good adhesion, specially selected for mobile phone back sticker


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