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3D UV Glass Screen Protector for Apple watch

3D UV Protective Glass Screen Protector with Easy installation

Product Details

  • The Perfect  UV Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch
  • 9H hardness: Highly durable Resistant Tempered Glass Screen Protector can Effectively Protect Your Apple Watch, offering the maximum amount of coverage for your watch’s screen.
  • Touch-sensitive: 0.33mm thickness with touchscreen sensitivity. 99% HD Clear screen protector with High definition transparency film and maximum resolution which keeps the bright and colorful image quality.
  • Easy to install: Easy no trouble and bubble-free installation that easily fits your device’s screen. Easy to apply and remove. The anti-fingerprint, oleophobic coating resists smudges to maintain the HD clarity of your display.
  • Full Protective: We provide both Apple phone series screen protectors and camera protectors, which will protect your phone from screen to camera all around. Offer full protection and double security.
  • QC Control: Detect 3times, ensure the stable quality products and defective rate below 0.2%, 1500 square meters warehouse, more than 5million regular stocks to let all orders run very fast with short delivery time.
  • One-Stop screen guard service provider: customized your projects including screen protector, logo, package, etc.
  • Please Note: Because of the curved edges of some displays, some of our protectors are cut deliberately slightly smaller than the display.

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