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UV Tempered Glass Screen Protector

UV screen protectors use liquid dispersion technology, utilizes a silicon adhesive to easily stick to the display. installs perfectly in few seconds, Perfect fit for Curved Surface

Product Details

  • UV screen protector with premium tempered glass, 3D full cover curved edge, high transparency, and touch-sensitive Support Fingerprint Scanner.
  •  UV screen protector perfect fit for curved surface mobile phones. The entire screen will be made protection with a UV glass screen protector including a Curved edge.
  • 9H hardness anti-shatter screen protector can reduce the risk of cracks and breaks on the display, The 3D Curved screen protector offers protection against bumps, scratches, dust, and absorbs shock.
  • Really 3D Curved edge, can fully cover the screen of the phone, Support 3D Touch, Using premium fingerprint oils, touch more smoothly.
  • Simply operation: Drop the UV glue in the middle of the surface of the device, and put the screen protector on, use a UV lamp to solidify Until it is firmed.
  • QC Control: Detect 3times, ensure the stable quality products and defective rate below 0.2%, 1500 square meters warehouse, more than 5million regular stocks to let all orders run very fast with short delivery time.
  • One-Stop screen guard service provider: customized your projects including screen protector, logo, package, etc.

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