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PMMA Protective Film for Iphone series

Edge to Edge design seamlessly cover curved surface with rounded corners, will not obscure the display, It can effectively protect your screen from scratches made by keys, coins, knives or any other hard substances, offer 100% protection than the non-fullscreen protector

Product Details

  • 3D edge-to-edge coverage high transparency PMMA Full glue screen protector to protect your curved screen perfectly against dust and scratches.
  • Super flexible and strong with innovative material, which was developed especially for curved surfaces. The high flexibility and the strong adhesive layer enable the perfect protection for your display
  •  Touch screen sensitivity – Works with Ultrasonic Fingerprint, PMMA screen protector has full glue on the entire surface of the glass for excellent touch sensitivity and reliable device adhesion.
  • Touch smoothly, it will keep the original touch experience of your display.
  • The durable layer of optical grade PMMA material makes it clear and keeps your device newer.  The black border matches the color of the front panel.
  • Fingerprint resistant – PMMA screen protector has hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that can reduce fingerprints and smudges.
  • QC Control: Detect 3times, ensure the stable quality products and defective rate below 0.2%, 1500 square meters warehouse, more than 5million regular stocks to let all orders run very fast with short delivery time.
  • One-Stop screen guard service provider: customized your projects including screen protector, logo, package, etc.

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